This is a series of guitar articles by Guy Pople, the proprietor of Lytham St Annes Guitar Shop. Their purpose is to help thoughtful beginner and intermediate guitarists become versatile players with a solid grasp of the relevant music theory. This undertaking will also require…
SCALES: Beginners KitWatch now (2 min) | These are the entry-level scales. They are the foundations of our popular blues, pop and rock sounds. Each set of notes starts from…
TECHNIQUE: Muted Picking for Beginners Watch now (54 sec) | Here are some essential exercises for beginners looking to play the classic punk, rock and metal riffs. An essential part of many…
SCALES: Ionian (#4 #5)Watch now (7 sec) | Intermediate
TECHNIQUE: Alternate Picking, Muting and Odd GroupingsWatch now (1 min) | Intermediate
TECHNIQUE: Independence Watch now (21 sec) | Beginner to Intermediate
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